Meet Pet Style Owner Jaime Lee

Jaime Lee started her grooming career fifteen years ago when she took her Chihuahua for a nail trim and wasn’t satisfied with the service. She decided at that point, that she would be the type of groomer she wanted caring for her own dogs.

Starting at a big box pet store, she obtained her grooming certification and was soon managing the salon. As time passed, she took opportunities to move on to private pet salons where she could pursue and explore her passion for creating beauty and style for the furry loves of our lives.

She is constantly looking for and learning new techniques and styles to apply to every groom that walks in the door. She strives to find the best meeting of pet need and parent desire to make everyone happy.

From colors to Asian Fusion, body contours to breed standards, she has learned the techniques to make your pet the best looking pup or kitty on the block.

Why Choose Us

  • Certified Dog and Cat Groomer
  • Professional Grooming Services
  • Breed Specific Cuts
  • Asian Fusion Styles
  • Knowledge, Experience, and Attitude